Mr. Steam iSteamX & ChromaX Power Supply

Mr. Steam iSteamX & ChromaX Power Supply


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The Mr.Steam iSteamX & ChromaX Power Supply is a critical component designed to ensure the efficient operation of your iSteamX and ChromaX systems. This power supply unit provides a stable and reliable power source, essential for the optimal performance of your steam shower’s advanced features, including control interfaces and chromatherapy lighting. Weighing just 2 lbs., it’s a compact yet powerful solution that integrates seamlessly into your steam shower setup, ensuring that your iSteamX and ChromaX systems operate smoothly and reliably. Ideal for both new installations and as a replacement part, this power supply is an indispensable asset for enhancing the functionality and enjoyment of your steam shower experience.



  • Designed for iSteamX & ChromaX: Specifically engineered to power Mr.Steam’s iSteamX control systems and ChromaX lighting, ensuring compatibility and performance.
  • Reliable Power Source: Provides a steady and consistent power supply, crucial for the seamless operation of steam shower controls and features.
  • Easy Installation: Compact and straightforward design allows for hassle-free setup or replacement within your steam shower system.
  • Lightweight Design: At only 2 lbs., it offers an efficient power solution without adding bulk to your steam shower environment.
  • Enhances Steam Experience: Ensures that your steam shower’s advanced features are powered effectively for a luxurious and immersive steam session.



  • Model: 104546
  • Compatibility: Tailored for use with Mr.Steam iSteamX and ChromaX systems
  • Part Type: Power Supply for iSteamX & ChromaX
  • Weight: 2 lbs.